The Root of All Bad Writing

Stephen Kings ¬†statement “I am convinced¬†fear is at the root of all bad writing” simply means that people naturally fear what others will think and let it affect their decisions. People just don’t like being judged, especially negatively, so they go will the flow and write and say things they believe people will agree with. Most people can’t handle constructive criticism, but it is at that moment when they can finally accept it that they begin the journey to being not only a more successful writer, but better in all aspects of life because they allow themselves to be critiqued and become better. In High School I let my fears of what my peers and teachers would think of my writing get in the way and never fully expressed myself in my papers and always wrote about very abstract things. I didn’t want them telling me what they thought of my actual ideas because I was convinced my idea was the only one that mattered, how could they critique my thoughts? Today I regret those decisions because I realize they could have helped me express my thoughts in better ways and aided me in having a clearer structure in my pieces. Although I do regret the decision to hide behind my fears I would not go back to change any of it because I highly value my ability to learn from my mistakes and become better at whatever it is that I am doing, and then go on to help someone else so they don’t make the same mistakes.